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Wink Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Dear Abraxas --

this thread is CRAZY!!! and i'm So Grateful to have happened on it early, before it became too unweildy. i want to thank you, AA, for hangin-in-here with us like you have -- through sun and rain and hail and hurricane and (praise the Lord!) through those ever-so-elusive balmy breezes! amidst the often laborious intellectual (and sometimes intensely emotional discussions we've had on this thread. and btw, i'd also like to thank Celine, Brooke and Mudra for giving us such lovely images .... they provided much needed refreshment -- and usually at just the appropriate moment! thank you, sisters!!

i do have some questions too.

1) did Yeshua and John-(Hebrew name??) the-Baptist study with the Essenes, as Edgar Cayce (or some other "seer") indicated? If so, it seems they grew to reject any political/militaristic agenda the Essenes may have had?

2) what is the origin of the seemingly "natural," typical human revulsion to the snake and reptilian forms? i assume there may be a connection to the Eve-serpent story in Genesis, and the depiction of "monsters" as dragon-like creatures in our myths and folk-tales. but WHY were these forms chosen to-begin-with to image beings to fear and mistrust???

3) AA -- i'm trying to remember/grasp what you've told us about the fact that you exist inter- or intra-dimensionally ..... in some different way than most of us 3d mortals at this time. i may not be wording this question very intelligently, since i get my dimensions mixed up with my densities and my 12-D Thubans confused with my 3-D Thuban-Dragon-messengers! but ..... for example ...... when you went searching for your daughter, did you do this during sleep visiting the astral plane of Gaia. or can you function on this plane and another at the same time, consciously in both(e.g., not asleep)?? perhaps you can intuitively figure out what i'm asking you, Abrax, cause i fear i'm making a mess of it! whatever insight you can share with my feeble 3d brain, i'll appreciate! (but please no advanced mathematics!

thanks again, AA, for your faithfullness to all of us here, and thanks too to all the other brave and faithful souls who have accompanied us on this roller-coaster ride!!! i sincerely hope you're sleeping blissfully now ..... no matter which plane, density, or dimension(s) you may be inhabiting at the moment.

with love & gratitude as ever,


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