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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by realitycorrodes View Post
Greetings Abraxasinas,

I am interested in releasing happy hormones continuously from my body in order to be in a permanent state of bliss. Do you have any suggestions of how to practically acheive this?

What a thought dear realitycorrodes. Being able to induce the autonomous nervous system and circulatory regulation systems in such a manner would accelerate the humanoid biochemical interaction with its psychophysicality in a most dramatic manner.
Perhaps you may attempt to attain the Nirvana of the buddha to enter such a blissful state.

The aim being I wish to maintain a continuous state of bliss that is not dependent on anything outside of me i.e. it is completley generated from within me by me.

Well you have been in such a state so 19.11 billion years ago. But then you were totally alone and nothing existed, except you. So you did decide to sacrifice your eternal blissfulness for a kaleidoscope of environmental interactions in your separated selfhood. And so you entered space and time from the 12th dimension and now you are here.
Then to reattain your lonely blissful selfstate as a 'alone no longer' blissful selfstate, you have set yourself the task to understand your own predicament.
How can I be just me, the Individual RealityCorrodes, and yet to BE more than this Individual say as a Family of RealityCorrodes?
And so you find yourself on a journey to REdiscover yourself AFTER you did so in your loneliness.

I would prefer suggestions that don't involve external drugs, however if there are any secret combinations of herbs that can do this I am open to hear about it...but only after hearing about other techniques as mentioned above....that's if you know? And preferably if they are a take once only... after which the drug should leave me permanently in bliss without any further need of them forever.

Stay away from drugs, any drugs (this is not an order, but advice), except say alcohol in moderation; as this is good for the blood (again in moderation), especially in cold weather.
That said, Nature is filled with drugs, natural drugs so you can drug yourself as you like - in Nature's way.
Reason for this is that the drugs of nature are chirally neutral with components balancing themselves in clockwise and anticlockwise quantum spin.
For example it is well known, that the Sugars in the DNA/RNA are righthanded in complementing the lefthanded amino acids.
The drugs you are talking about have become distorted in this quantum spin neutrality due to their processing and synthezising methods.

Also I am interested in any secret techniques that allow a human being to become a breatharian. Do you have any suggestions for this?

As long as you inhabit a biochemical reactor, called your body; you should treat this body as a temple for your higher self or soul or similar labeling.
This body of yours is designed to process nutrients in input-output functionality. It is not designed to NOT intake nourishment in solid and liquid and gaseous form
These are THREE phases: Solid-Liquid-Gaseous.

To deny the solid and liquid phases to concentrate on the gaseous nourishment state is highly disharmonious.
Of course it is advisable to regularly 'cleanse' the biochemical reactor in 'fasting' and 'bathing' and 'washing'.
It is entirely appropriate to restrict what kinds of food you allow as input and all manner of 'lifestyle choices' can be made and which are in harmony with the biochemical reactor.

Sorry if these questions have been asked before!

I only read the beginning message about after the 18 January 2010 there may be information given out that has hitherto never been given out.

Never know unless you ask.
You are welcome RealityCorrodes. If these replies are insufficient to you, you are welcome to ask for clarifications.

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