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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)


I get the feeling that you are amused with the outcome of this thread. I can see you smile when we try with all of our hearts to understand the message you are trying to deliver. Each and every time there is a straight forward question you make an evasive manouver leaving many of us as big glowing question marks.

So, why is this?

My guess is that you are very bitter about the outcome of your life. You have been hurt deeply along the way and I'm not meaning physically. You have a very big heart and this is also in your reality your biggest weakness. You have learned the hard way and you have found your solution in reading and digesting cosmology and other things to substitute your (by you) percieved weakness to a degree where you have identified yourself with your teachings, never ever showing your 'weak spot', your heart.

I want you to know that if you want to heal and become whole again I'm here for you and I'm certain there are a whole bunch of other loving people here aswell that is willing to help you along. There is no weakness in opening ones heart and this is the place to do it. Take small steps and I promise you that the rewards will be endless.

You are like a wing broken bird, now accustomed to a life on the ground. You have forgotten about your wings and keep them tightly tucked away in a place were they don't get in your way, and you wonder why this world is so hostile. Know your broken heart and this will allow it to heal. Make it a part of you again and it will also be part of our perception of you, and that's who you truly are.

Don't be afraid, we will take care of you, help you and we will love you. You are amongst hearts, just were you belong.

With eternal love,
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