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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Sollve View Post

You are right ofcourse and I can also feel that my message wasn't interpreted the way I wanted therefor it needs a small justment. What I meant was that I as the messenger don't need to allow my message to be misinterpreted. If I believe the fault for misinterpretation is mine as the messenger I can choose not to allow misinterpretation by listening to my recipients and remake the message to suit the recipient without loosing it's intent. It's all about how important I believe my message is. If I don't care about the message itself, there is no reason to clarify.

I'll have to see if my intention with this message came through, otherwise I'll try to clarifiy again until it does, and at the same time trying to make an example of what I mean.

Also, I won't be eaten, because I will be dead before someone eats me.

Peace, love and understanding.
I agree with you, but one can only clarify so far since some do not yet have the experiences to be able to relate with certain things. Confusion is natural when one can not relate, or, chooses to not relate or chooses to look at a message in a certain way, which may not be how it was intended. I do agree we should try to clarify to cause less confusion, some are in such a deep state of self denial though that they will only see past a certain point.
The person who is interpreting the message is the one that allows it to be misinterpreted or not, not the messenger, the messenger can try to provide clarity, but sometimes not always in a successful manner for the individual.
It can also be the messengers intent to cause misinterpretation, but even then it is still up to the interpreter of the message what they take from it.

Oh, and you are already dead, and alive, just unaware that you have the ability to be wherever you wish whenever you want.

Death, as you might think of it, is leaving this vessel or body and returning to your main energy connection you deviate from. But, you do not have to permanently leave the physical body, one can have a conscious death experience, and come back bringing with them new insights and realizations about who they are and what they want in their reality.

-Love and Light-
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