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Default State of the Planet Discussion

13 November 2008

Today we met again with Miriam Delicado, who has recently returned to the Four Corners area from several weeks in South America. We also spent a while meeting with our friend Stephen Bassett, founder of the Paradigm Research Group and a prominent disclosure activist. Steve believes that Obama is perfectly positioned to be the 'Disclosure President'... in Spring 2009.

We captured 20 minutes of animated and thought-provoking conversation with Steve on video. While respecting our work and what we have achieved, Steve is wary of much of the Camelot material, and counseled us off-camera to be very careful about what we may be perceived to be endorsing.

In reply, we explained that we are deliberately presenting provocative information to the public which we believe has valid provenance, while fully respecting the work of all other mainstream (and possibly more cautious) researchers.

As is stated elsewhere on our site, we believe that 90% of our material is reliable, and we are not afraid to go places - and talk to people - that some others in the UFO community may be reluctant to visit. Ultimately, we are all working together, each doing what we can to further the cause of freedom of information.

Allied to this question is that of what kind of material we present, and to what extent it may be perceived as 'good news' or 'bad news'.

Our view is that refusing to look at reality will not help... and then, from that standpoint of being WILLING to look at reality, we causatively create the future we want.

In other words, to travel there, we have to depart from where we are, and we have to KNOW WHERE WE ARE to make that journey. Robert Fritz, the founder of DMA (and the author of The Path of least Resistance) talks extensively about this.

If we refuse to speak the name of the beast, the beast will do whatever it wants. We are not afraid of the beast... and we are not afraid to speak its name. That is not the same as invoking it, supporting it, or being responsible for its existence.

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