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Default Re: The Ashtar Command & the Galactic Federation

Originally Posted by JesterTerrestrial View Post
There is obviously something wrong as to why our planet is in the condition it is. Looks to me like a police state and World War! I know many sacred teachings have been suppressed through devious methods.

You are so right - so then tell me why hasn't GLF been sat on their backside and done nothing constructive - all they've done is gather followers so that they can eat off their energies and help them with their propaganda which you are doing an excellent job of - a huge gold star and a pat on the back to you for when you're passionate about something then you are a dog with a bone - respect to you in that sense but its downside is that it keep the belief system rigid and the mind so so so closed.

That dose not mean that the GFL is not a real organization of star nations here to help humanity into the golden age!!!

I do believe they are real - I just doubt their motives based on the lack of help they've provided


Ok, easily done. Got a mirror nearby?

ha...have you read the replies posted to me!!! Maybe you should.

I have read the comments - it's called tough love - you should be flattered that so many care about you.

Its because I'm kinda crazy about my research and get all phiyered up sometimes!!!

Thank you for the reply please do have a wonderful day!

Anytime my friend. You also have a wonderful day and may the veils of deceit fall from your eyes.

Peace JT!

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