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Default Re: THE TRUTH about Earth Changes & ETs -- They are us, we are them

Originally Posted by WineHippie View Post
i must say, that some of the attitudes displayed here
are similar to some "organized religion" ones i have
experienced.... sort of a condescending, we-know-it-all,
if-you-don-t-believe-what-we-believe-yer doomed energy
about it
i understand the frantic nature of some of these responses
because empathetic spirits are almost desperate to help
others and to warn them while at the same time realizing
free will must not be tampered with....
i see the back and forth of a thread like this, and i reach
down into my toolbox of discernment, and i gotta say, when
a sense of hypocrisy appears, the red flags go up
a truly loving being cannot be so nasty, it isn't in them...
i haven't named names here - it is up to each one of us
to figure that out
I hear you on that..but there is a nasty force out there to deal with..and you cannot always fight it with 'love and light" I wish it were so...that would be the route I would take...but as I know it..there are those that have gotten hurt by this same kind of force..and I will fight with whatever it takes to expose it.

And I don't subscribe to any organized religion...

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