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Hi nagual, thanks for elaborating.

Originally Posted by nagual View Post
If the behavior of either is compelled, whether by force, economic necessity, contractual arrangement, mass hypnosis, etc.
the relationship is altered to one of superior/subordinate, management/employee, master/servant, or owner/slave.
Agreed, but that's why I liked the video, because I took from it that leadership is overrated, what is important is a feeling that many share but for some reason fail to act in large numbers upon. A leader is someone who merely sparks that movement coming together in some way, and realizes that they are simply a catalyst, regardless of wether others want to bestow fame upon them.

Originally Posted by nagual View Post
True leading and following presume perpetual liberty of both leader and follower to sever the relationship and pursue another path.
A true leader cannot be bound to lead. A true follower cannot be bound to follow.
Career politicians and cable news watchers should all read this.

It also obviously makes sense to renew one's analysis of a leader that wants to hang on to the spotlight, they may still be effective, but obviously celebrity has ways of corrupting. By the same token, someone constantly looking for leadership should reevaluate their own capabilties of independent thought. There should be balance of seeking knowledge from inside and outside of one's self.

I like that we're breaking down this goofy vid so intellectually.

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Thanks Christo. Here's the scene, love this one.
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