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Default Hemi Sync

I read some posts here about Hemi Sync and was intrigued. After poking around the 'net to get some more info I decided to try it out.

Yesterday was my first day with the program and thought I'd post my thoughts and get insights from those who have experience with it.

If you would like, I will continue to post about my progress - let me know.

I completed 1-5 the first day.

I have some experience relaxing, meditating and making energy flow around me - I think this may have made it easier for me. I had read about some who spent months trying to reach focus 10 - but I had no problems.

I was able to reach focus 10 and create swirling energy around me fairly easily as I have some self-taught experience with this.

The program created an experience slightly more intense than my usual meditations. Ordinarily I can relax, make my body sleep etc - but may or may not experience anything insightful.

Working with recordings 1-5 I had a number of 'visions'. One that stands out was seing a table of 12-15 monks seated at a table in the distance. They were discussing something insightful which I understood in the moment but could not remember after I moved away.

I need to work on remembering.

The last recordng I used was #5 - right before sleep. This is the one that leaves you sleeping.

I went through it OK but had trouble 'rolling like a log in the water'. I could move about 90 degrees but would flip back to 0 degrees each time I reached that point. I was aware that moving more than 90 degrees would place me basically face to face with myself and, even though I've had OBE's in the past, this understanding of my ethereal in relation to my physical caused me to return to 0 degrees rotation.

At the end, I wasn't able to reach full sleep. I was only about 1/2 asleep. I experienced an uncomfortable burning hot sensation from the ear-bud's of my mp3 player in my ears during this recording which may have caused this.

I laid in bed comfortably 1/2 asleep, 1/2 awake and suddenly saw a number of mundane physical items flash before me in fairly rapid succession. I recall thinking that I needed to understand their symbolic significance in my dream state - but was unable to.

After about 15-20 items flashed before me this stopped but then the bed felt very cold even under my down comforter. I dealt with the uncomfortable sensation of trying to find a warm spot because it seemed that the matress was made of ice wherever I put my legs.

Shortly after deciding that there was no warm spot to place my legs - I fell asleep and didn't wake up until morning without remembering any dreams.

Today I will finish the discovery set and move onto the threshold recordings.

Can anyone who has used this program tell me how my experience compares to theirs?
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