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Default Re: We light a Candle to those, who are NO longer here

My dear friend,
(who helped me make heads or tails, out of my puzzle)
and, burned many hours of midnight oil
(while we enjoyed some telephone conversations)
about what end, was really up !!!
Some day, i hope to share with his son,
what his father told me, and, wrote me,
about his son ...he was a gem, and, a treasure
well liked/and, well loved by many
one of my most unique, and, wonderful friends
geez--i miss him !!!

Kent Daniel Bentkowski “Kentroversy" has passed away
2008 08 07

By Henrik Palmgren |

We're very sad to announce that our good friend,
researcher and frequent guest on Red Ice Creations Radio,
Kent Daniel Bentkowski or “Kentroversy” has passed away.

He died Wednesday, July 30th, 2008 in his home.

He is survived by his widow Paula, son Anthony, and Sister Esther.

His wife Paula suggested that anyone who wanted to send a memorial should donate to Buffalo, New York, USA area Hospice Care.

Henrik and Greg from Occult of Personality talked about Kent's passing, his health and his work.

Anthony, if you ever read this, have NO doubt, about how much,
your father loved you, your father was a candle,
with a 'real' shining, i will find those words, in a stored email,
he left for you, and, i will send them, to your mum, so, one day,
you can read them ~ your father knew,
you were a bright light, for this new world,
and, from the other side, he said, if he ever left early,
he would be there, to guide you !!!
Just call on him, he said, he would be there for you always,
from sun-rise to sun set, and, from sun-set to sun-rise
you were NOT only his son, but, you were also the 'sun' of his life
he called you, his "SUN"
~ he said, my SUN, will know, those are my words.
He loved you, more than he loved anything else, in his life...
he shared many photos of you, and,
in many ways from healing sent to you, and, to him,
when both of you, were NOT well, i could always feel,
the love, he had for you ~ powerful, strong and eternal
Your dad, was a remarkable being of light, and, of love
who did so much, for this world...and, the rest of humanity
He was one of those, great changers, and, eXchangers in life.
Definitely a 'gem' and, a 'treasure' in my life
and, always, and, in all ways - a very good friend
So lucky you were to choose him, as your dad
So lucky he was, to have your for his "SUN"
You were his richest treasure,
and, his love for you, was deeper than the deepest sea.
Shine bright & be, all that, you might will yourself into being
always remember, your dad is right there beside you

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