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Default Re: Free DC Energy _The worlds biggest kept secret

Originally Posted by Flying Pyramid View Post

2.) There is no friction because the balls and the pyramid never touch at all in anyway. They are close enought to slide a sheet of paper through but they do not actually touch. Therefor no friction, no decay.
The entire setup is suspended in some fashion and not grounded.
Thank you for your explanation.

I can visualize that the pyramid and the balls do not touch, however three balls have to sit on a flat surface and stay in a fixed position, some how. I think, the spinning axis needs to be perpendicular to the surface. If the balls center of gravity are not balanced (due to some error in notch locations and volume or due to the pyramid spinning axis misalign), they may spin out of the positions.

Even if the spinning balls do not touch the pyramid, they will create friction with the floor and produce heat causes wear and tear (if spinning at high rpm), unless everything levitate.... May be, this is not a big deal.

The only to verify this is to build it. I appreciate that you share the information with us. I really like to see this idea become a reality.
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