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Default Re: Why never talk about the top of the pyramid: The Jesuits?

Originally Posted by zorgon View Post
Here is one you will like...

National Technology Transfer Center

Established by Congress in 1989, NTTC offers technology assessment services and develops lasting partnerships among industry, academia and government agencies. Our government and commercial clients look to the NTTC to provide technology transfer services more effectively than they can provide on their own.

Funding for the NTTC is derived primarily through contracts and cooperative agreements with federal agencies including NASA, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, and the Missile Defense Agency, and select commercial clients.

Now why is this important?

Because at the bottom of the above page we see THIS

2007 National Technology Transfer Center
Wheeling Jesuit University : 800.678.6882

So the Jesuits control the Technology Transfer for both NASA and the Missile Defense Agency

Yeah man, many thanks!

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