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Default Re: Why never talk about the top of the pyramid: The Jesuits?

You are right about no one calling them out and i wonder why, it seems they have a net to fall onto (various death cults) but thats my opinion.

I honestly think the Illuminati have not done half of what they are blamed for, hell its a great scape goat if you ask me. The people listed at the top we try to imagine and right now i don't think its a "NWO" per say, reminds me of a sound bite and an obvious ploy to get people yelling at that - a brick wall.

I couldn't tell you how many networks this sprawls across but it does go into Russia and China (branch's work well) its just when two greedy powerful suits lose its like animals scrapping for meat - wild.

You can surely keep someone shut up by issuing threats to his family whom ever wants to take the risk on the inside go ahead... that's how they contain people and opinions, heck we could have had free energy 25 years ago but then again the fear of "super nations like China getting free energy" scares them to subvert the technology for private testing.

The pyramid is a structure of fear.

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