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Default Re: "Handbooks for The New Paradigm"

Those handbooks are of a very high vibration. They are also designed and written in such a way as to "unprogram" ground crew members from their earthly indoctrination and serve as wake up calls. I have studied literature and linguistics and I have never come across anything written quite like these. They might seem a bit complicated at first. But if you just continue reading you will suddenly "get it" so to speak. They will warp your indoctrinated mind and sort of force you to get in touch with your intuition for deeper understanding/remembering.

When I first discovered them I could not get enough. I read all 4 in a row and reread the first afterwards. I would also recommend that everybody who feel drawn to the idea of "ground crew" to read this:

E.T. 101 - The Cosmic Instruction Manual

It's a very entertaining and fun read that will speak to you in profound ways, just like the Handbooks.
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