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Default Re: The Ashtar Command & the Galactic Federation

Originally Posted by JesterTerrestrial View Post
I was not talking to you!

but you and swanny sure seem to be working as a team of ignorant dis information agents!!!!

along with a few others! who keep making ridiculous comments.

Please do have a good day because I am friendly!


Ignorant, overpaid disinformation agents of the GFL, JT, that's what we really are.

I can't talk for the Admiral, but to me, becoming a 'LORD' of the GFL, + the $250.000 'boarding-bonus' was an irresistable offer. I would have been a thief of my own wallet if I'd said 'no' to that.

I have become an addict to GFL power & big money & I'm ashamed of myself. But what can I do? Once you're a member of the GFL, there's no return ticket to a 'normal' life.

JT, I've got to quit, 'cos my secretary demands meaningless sex & I can't resist her call.
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