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Default Re: Why never talk about the top of the pyramid: The Jesuits?

Originally Posted by Norval View Post
Wasn't it a Jesuit at the meeting where the government and military met with ET's back in the 50's? Signed some sort of a surrender to the ET's, a treaty?
I don't know that but ufo is a word the jesuits use. What I have investigating are that the ufo are interdimensinal non positive spiritual beings and the ufo are a cover up. Deagle's says that, Leo Zagami's to.

The planet x footage are jesuit, did you know?

Interesting topic to follow.

Zionists: Leo Zagami and Alberto Ribera says that Zionism in the very top are the same with the vatican.

Because this isn't just a material drama, it's more than that. It's good to be alive in this time on earth, when we are disclosing the old paradigm and we will change our consiousness to something more spiritual so we will not need the old structure of earth... Think Positive!


I found something good about all the stuff going on, look at this:
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