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Default Re: How to save the world... My way.

Originally Posted by Sollve View Post
Hi Lisa,

I think you are spot on with what I want to achieve with this. Put it all in a nice,
attractive and easy to use web package and we will be changing the world!

It's so nice to see that there actually are some souls out there who
resonates with this! Thank you for your attention!

Sollve, I still think that it is a great idea... I was just unsure how to find what you were looking for... (so often I come up with an idea only to find that it doesn't exist yet)...

I still have the quick-results version of what we talked about... in the forum set-up... (just as an example)

but I like the expansion capability of the program itself a lot more than my idea and would switch over to it in a split second...

let me know how I can help further this into actuality..
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