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Default Re: How to save the world... My way.

Originally Posted by lisa View Post
What a fabulous idea!
Most Project Managers here in the US use "Microsoft Project" to organize resources for projects...
This is like a grassroots/peer-to-peer version of "Microsoft Project".
People can:
  • Add/Delete/Edit Projects
  • Organize Projects into Tasks & Subtasks
  • Prioritize them
  • Specify resources (people, time, facilities, equipment, etc.) necessary for completion
  • Volunteer resources for Projects/Tasks/Subtasks
  • Etc.
...and there is a Voting/Polling System embedded in this.
Is this what you guys/gals have in mind?
Hi Lisa,

I think you are spot on with what I want to achieve with this. Put it all in a nice,
attractive and easy to use web package and we will be changing the world!

It's so nice to see that there actually are some souls out there who
resonates with this! Thank you for your attention!

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