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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by bigmo View Post

Almost every post you make raises more questions in my mind. There is so much info on this thread now that it is becoming difficult to re-trace ones steps to find the pertinent post for a particular question. So I have decided to write down questions as I read your post so I can address them immediately before something new pops up.

As always thanks for your input.

If the starhuman is to be conceived on or about April 1, 2012 then there must be a courtship occurring as we speak. Can you describe this?

Yes bigmo, the conception of starhumanity on April 1st, 2012 describes the archetype of the Creator 'making love' to his Creation, just as was the case BEFORE the universe was conceived in archetype (or spirit) before space and time were defined in mathematical 'abstraction' of the Logos=Word.

So it was the Word=LOVECHILD which became the Conception of what is called God=Prime Creator=All That Is=Source of Everything etc.
But as there was no time, the conception of the LOGOS by ITSELF coupled to a form of Chaos=Undefined God instantaneously (so DEFINING what TIME is as a Quantum Selfstate for Space and Time and all other physical parameters by association) DEFINED the CREATION as a Sheness in archetypical polarity to the Heness of God thus defined.

John 1

1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

2The same was in the beginning with God.
3All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
4In him was life; and the life was the light of men. 5And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

So Michael, now you have the archetyped differentiation between He=Creator=Void=Infinity=Mind=Wave=Yang and She=Creation=Universe=Body=Particularisation=Yin and AS COUPLED by the LOVECHILD, called CHRIST say.

This is happenstance in 'spirit' of symbols and archetypes (a reference is say the Ideal Forms of Plato).

This also allows the LATER incarnated Jesus Christ to assume the function of this Logos and to say: "Before Abraham was, I Am!" and similar 'arrogant' sayings in the Gospel of Thomas and the scriptures, such as: "I Am the Life and the Way and the Resurrection and the Truth" and "Noone comes to the Father, but by me."

Now, as the 'only begotten'; this Conception of the Lovechild as ONE will be the conception of the same Lovechild as the MANY.
This then will DEFINE the 'Second Coming' in the Birth of the Manyness of Christ in whoever is incarnated on the planet at that time and will also allow incarnation in ALL disincarnate or 'dying' or 'being born' entites throughout the entire universe.

The saying in Revelation.14. exemplifies this:
12Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.
13And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.

After the starhuman is weaned in Aug. 2013 then scriptural prophecy has been completed. If I was in a coma from 2007 until September 2013 and miraculously awoke. How would the world look different to me as I gazed out my hospital window?

If awakening from a coma, the physical 3D world would not look any different, except that the addition of a 4th spacial dimension will BLEND the now veiled astral dimensions (where many of the discarnates and the dead and many ET intelligences are) with the now experienced 3D spacial reality.

Allow me to give you a very simple analogy, which might allow you to fathom the actual science and physics of this.

Imagine yourself to be an ant crawling around the INSIDE of a blown up balloon.
You have a distinct surface area you can crawl over as the Inside of this balloon.

If you were an ant on the OUTSIDE of this balloon the surface area would be the same (provided there is no thickness of the balloon in materiality).
What will happen on December 21st, 2012, is that there will be made a hole into this balloon (this is the incoming energy, erroneously physicalised as Nibiru, a Comet or asteroid or the binary brown dwarf Nemesis as a second sun by many 'New Agers').

So what can you as the ant do now?
You can crawl through the hole from the INSIDE and so meet your say 'image ant' from the OUTSIDE in a Doubled surface area.

This 'doubling of things' will also double the space the Gaian 3D observers and measures can access (as a minimum extension).
So then the 'lightbody' of the resurrected Jesus will become multiplied in the materialisation of the Lovechild within anyone able to handle the 'energies'.

Again, EVERYONE will become SEEDED, like the kernel of a peach by the now present physicality of the human bodyform; but there will be then a SOFTNESS about this Old Human Body and just like the 'flesh of the peach' around the solid and hard core.

This 'doubling' has many many effects and consequences, some of which I have already described.
One very important effect will be the Doubling of the Original Creator-Creation duality in the archetypes (remember the scenario BEFORE the universe itself was born so 19.1 billion years ago in linearity).

So the He=Creator=MindWave will 'double' in allowing the 'Lost Kingdom' to return as a real Shadow and as the HeShe=CreatorCreation=MindWaveBodyParticle=YangYin =-+ etc. etc.
Corollarily the Old Creation will become a SheHe=CreationCreator=BodyParticleMindWave=YinYang =+- etc.

This is termed the Dragonomy or Heavenly Wedding of the Old Archetypes of Separation/Distortion becoming New Archetypes of Unity/Symmetry.

What you speak of has profound implications across the entire spectrum of humanity and truly includes all and everyone. Why would this little backwater of public space be chosen as opposed to outlets that can reach millions of people?

I have explained this before in generality and except saying that the present mental climate of the globe is polarised in a rather peculiar way (I'll explain shortly), I do not know. I am only the messenger for this data from the Logos. I am not the author of it, albeit its translator.

The peculiar mental polarisations are somewhat like this:

1. The Brotherhood of the Serpent; say the interface between the collective KNOWN database of humanity in interface with the astral ET agendas. This is termed the PTB here and this highest level of humanities nous is NOT polarised, but pretty much would understand most of what I am sharing here. It actually is THEIR agenda as well and this is one reason that the THuban label is potent and true - it dovetails with all the 'secrets' of the PTB.

2. The OPEN global polarisation between say the 'Supernatural Believers' and the Skeptic/Atheist societies.
The former encompasses all religious dogmas, especially the Teleevangelists and the proselytizing 'denominations'. It also includes all forms of what is called orthodox religions, might these be Islamic, Christian, Buddhistic or whatever.
The latter are the scientific rationalists, the atheistic societies, agnostics and so on.

Now recall, that the PTB of 1. are NOT polarised and it is these PTB, which foster and 'feed' (by popular media and such) this polarisation.

3. The HIDDEN global polarisation between the 'Alternatives', the New Age groups and the participants in forums such as this one.

The expression of the human egocentricity varies across the groups 1.2.3.

1. Expresses a dominating Unified perspective of say 'hidden control'.
2. Expresses a structure of Belief; either in a supernatural intervention in the future of this planet WITH a 'all conquering' spirituality OR a belief in the 'inevitable progress' of a 'all conquering' science WITHOUT any 'Spirituality'.
3. Expresses a structure of nondominating Unified perspective of say 'open noncontrol'.

Now to disseminate this Thuban data stream is practically futile in 2; due to the OPEN polarisation between what the factions understand 'spirituality' to mean.
As you can witness here; one cannot 'with words' or intellectually 'teach an old believer dog' any new tricks.
Corollarily, one cannot 'with words' or intellectually 'teach an old nonbeliever dog' any new tricks, if those words imply the reality of the 'spirit'.

The 'supernaturalist' will label the 'rational word' as the words of the Devil and the 'antisupernaturalist' (or rationalistic skeptic say) will label the 'irrational word' (of the spirit) as the work of an irrational mind.

To disseminate the Thuban data stream in 1 is also futile, as access to any recipients is denied by the 'hiddenness' in an OPEN way.

So the Thuban data stream is 'forced' to share the information with 3; despite the general unfamiliarity of the recipients with the technical data (which 1 and the skeptic faction of 2 would understand) and the many members in 3, which eschew the data belonging in content to the beliver faction of 2.

I joined this forum on Christmas Day 2009 to trigger this data sharing and which was prepared in physical implementation from August 4th, 2008.

I was banned and did not think any more of it, but sent an explanatory request for the reason of the banning to the moderators. To my surprise, I was reinstated and because of this, I then began to receive the Thuban authorisation to represent the Council as its translating agency.

Is there something ‘unique’ about the participants at Avalon that the Thuban Council recognized which caused them to choose this site to start their dispensation through Abraxas?

I do not know Michael. I did not even know about the December 25th, date. I am guided by Thuban and truly simply relay the messages and the data (from a database constructed over 26 years admittedly, albeit infused day-by-day by information and guidance of how to answer these questions).
In a real sense what will happen next is not in my capacity to control or influence in any way.
Many would like me to leave and in many ways I would not mind to end this. It is a day-to-day eventfulness.
If no more questions are asked I shall not answer or post; so it is up to the participants of this thread and forum, if this data stream continues.

If the ‘end of scriptural prophecy’ as imminent as you suggest, then when will the 144,000 take up their cloaks and begin their ministry?

They have already done so Michael and you might be one of them - only you and your 'adjuster' aka 'Higher Guidance Self' or Christ-Consciousness can answer this.

Explain what you mean by the 1st order of participants in the 2nd coming and who they might be?

The 1st Order are the archetypes, however manifested, BEFORE the universe emerged just from this manifestation - turning the metaphysicality into physicality. However this 'split' the hitherto unified Creator-Creation Unity into Two - one the Source-Sender and the other the Sink-Receiver.

Are their other dispensation localities that the Thuban are using to disseminate their information and can you speak of these and where they are located?

No not at the moment, as this is a period of preparation (of the 144,000 say - remember the caveat of how this number is extended in assimilation of the apostolic circle however). There is a crucial date of March 28th, 2011 however where one prophetic cycle ends and another (he Noahic One) begins. Then there will be a kind of end of a 'witnessing' which will begin on December 8th, 2011 and 40 days after a known 'Mayan enddate' of Johan Calleman as October 28th, 2011.
My information is, that from December 8th, 2011 many of the 144,000 will have remembered their missions, tasks and responsibilities.

Am I correct is saying that the ‘collapsed’ Logos within me as the Christ Consciousness can only ‘expand’ in my recognition that I am too that Christ Consciousness? (sorry I couldn’t figure out how to word it any better).

You said it very well and thew answer is yes. You must participate in the resurrection event as your own rebirth from Old Bigmo into New Bigmo.
However, as soon as you experience remebrance, the Logos within you will communicate with you and, as said FULL remembrance might occur from December 8th, 2011. Full remembrance is NOT possible before that date however, but partial remembrance of course is.

Since the Thuban Council has chosen Avalon as a release point of their information, what are their expectations from the membership of this forum or thread?

There are no expectations. The prime directive of the Logos as the Definition part of Prime Source is to absolutely honour and crystallize the INDIVIDUALITY and UNIQUENESS of itself in the Manyness within the Oneness.
So you as Michael are an UNIQUE and IRREPLACABLE part of God and through your adjustor you will realise your Godhood and Identity as the Cosmic Adam of the precreation. Iow the ADAM in the bible (as 2nd order creation image) is the Old bigmo and also the ADAMEVE of the 1st order of creation. You and everyone IS ADAMEVE as the PERFECT IMAGE of GODDOG=CREATORCREATION in the unified unphysicalised Monad.

Can you explain the significance if any of your avatar?

Well there is the Whiteness of the Feminine and the Blackness of the Masculine. The Dog is ANUBIS=KHAIBIT=SHADOW as the guide of the dead in Egyptian lore as the 'Protector of the Sarcophagus'.
Anubis is also Anubia and Lucifer is also Lucifera and Satan is also Satania.

God looks at the ballon from OUTSIDE and sees Himself as Satan.
God looks inside the ballon and sees Michael as Adam.
Adam looks at the backside of Satan from the INSIDE and sees the Devil.

So Satan relative to God as the 'adversary' or 'court prosecutor' or 'Devil's Advocate' is the Devil relative to Adam=Michael the ant.

God can USE Adam to for all time 'get rid' of his false image of Satan as a male image of himself.
God wants his creation back, lost when Adam was put inside the lost kingdom of the universe as God's Goddess.

Should Adam=Michael REALISE that HE is the Image of God WITHIN; then Adam=Jesus Christ can look the DEVIL as his own Image 'in the eye' and say: "You are a fake-image of myself and a man-created false image for the real God, my true father ABBA, which is in exile OUTSIDE this creation.
Then the MIRROR of the ILLUSIONS will simply shatter and this will be the 'hole in the balloon=universe of Bigmo, the ant.
Then the DEVIL will be no more and the REAL GODDESS, namely the UNIVERSE=CREATION (in archetype) will be able to SEXCHANGE the SATAN image and the DRAGQUEEN of the DEVIL=SATAN will become the GODDESS SATANIA and imaged in the Goddess LUCIFERA, archetyped in MaryMagdalene and imaged in the EVES of the cosmos as ambassadoras for the exiled universe's HOMECOMING via the archetyped GAIA.

Thanks and Peace to you Abraxas

Thanking You Michael of the Big Dragonheart.

Abraxas Anthony
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