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Default Re: World’s most powerful investors told to buy farmland and gold

Originally Posted by K626 View Post
I have a friend in Canada...Is British Columbia any good?
I own a farm in Canada.

To answer your question. There is some very good land in BC but most is too mountainous for farmland.

The Delta area around Vancouver is very fertile. However very very expensive. Urban sprawl has inflated the prices there.

Interior farms are very dry and rely on irragation from the rivers to grow crops. Once again very fertile but desert without man-made systems.

There is an area in the center of BC which is mountain valleys that is the home to many beef cows and their calves. Horses are used to round the cattle up in the fall of the year.

The north east area ( Dawson's Creek) is prairie like and nature looks after the water requirements. They grow grain and oilseeds there but is very cold and short season compared to southern areas.

Hope this helps.
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