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Default Re: How to save the world... My way.

I've also added the following text to where I'm trying to explain in further depth what my idea about all this is. It comes from the responses I have gotten from different people where I can understand from the responsen that I haven't done a very good job in presenting my idea. This is another go on that.

This might all be a bit confusing and my lack of knowing how to do this is probably contributing to the confusion. My hope is that you are able to put this aside and trust YOUR flow. Maybe we are supposed to move on in steps. If you take it as long as you feel is comfortable and to where your inspiration takes you I'm certain it's my turn or someone else’s after that. Maybe it's all about living in the now and act on the impulse in the now. When you feel you have lost the guidance of the inspiration in the now it might be because something else needs to happen. It could be my turn or it could be that what you have done has manifested in something that opens up something for someone else. The whole point of you reading this could be to inspire someone else to take this whole thing a bit further. Who knows?

I really like to push hard on the idea that you need to be doing what feels right for you and not care so much what I or anyone else think because I truly believe that we complete each other when we follow our hearts. As long as the goal is somewhat equal I truly believe this.

When I first started to think about this a few months back, it actually was the words of Alex Collier (YouTube link) when he described the flat hierarchy governance system that we needed to develop that inspired me. If I remember right he said that this was also how the aliens were governing their society and that's why they were so successful in taking over our government. So I started to think about how we could actually do something like that and finally came up with the idea I've been trying to present. My original intention was to find a way to get rid of the pyramid structure and to make it possible for each individual’s voice to be heard and to use the collectives force in the most effective way possible. To make this possible it needs to be a system that is simple to use, that attracts people through their hearts and is so dynamic that every creative aspect of the human mind is possible.

We want this system to grow by itself, but in a controllable and structured way so that it is possible to always be able to get a clear view of whatever you need to see. In my vision this also includes to get rid of secrets. The only ones who gain from us having secrets are those 'above' us. What if everyone knew exactly how much each and everyone earned (salary), wouldn't it be up to the employer to justify your salary rather than you having to sell yourself? Wouldn't that be more fair? We would have to change our view of things and understand that we need to be open about everything because the fewer secrets there are the less power the information owners (elite) have over us. It would also mean that we could use the information to benefit the people instead of it benefitting the elite (companies and so on). We need to start work together rather than to compete with each other and I can see this system help with this as well. If people could be able to see the benefits of an open society manifested and working through this system, they will never want to go back to the way it was.

About the flat governance.. If we all had the common vision/goal that all we ever did should benefit the whole of mankind without compromises, we really don't need any hierarchy at all anymore. That way everyone would always make the right considerations before doing anything and no one would ever be treated as anything else than one of mankind where everyone is equally worth. What we need is a system that helps us with everything that doesn't involve creativity like project management, statistics, data collection whatever computers do better than man and through the openness of the system and through the participants I believe that the vision or goal will be automatically looked after. The system would be like a living organism with the people acting as individual cells able to connect to each other (making clusters of cells) in ways that are most effective or positive at any given task. What the cells need is information presented in an understandable way. It should be extremely easy to know what is expected from each cell (individual) as well as what is expected from the cluster of cells (project/project members). The main focus of the individual would be the general vision (benefit of mankind), with this in mind everything that the individual can't see as benefitting for mankind goes away. After that it would be up to the system to define the clusters to make it possible for the cells to work together most efficiently. The system would also be able to present other clusters that could be beneficial to this cluster or vice versa. The system would be the intelligent spider that connects everything.

Is it possible? Yes! Do I know how? No!

In my vision, this is a worldwide platform/system with millions or even billions of users. I can see people making projects aiming at recruiting even the poorest people to sign up just to make the amount of participants and therefore the power of the people even greater. The most important thing is for people to sign up and agree on the vision of the community. If they sign up on the idea of being a part of a movement that only works to benefit mankind, this is enough for anyone to use their 'vote'. If there were to start a project to end all war, this could be possible just through the vast amount of people. War is not beneficial to the whole of mankind, therefore it shouldn't exist. No one needs to do anything other than to sign up for something like that to happen. That's also why I believe that everyone should sign up with as much personal information as possible. Full name, address, phone number and preferably photo as well. This way everyone who needs to use the power of the many in a project can do so and at the same time verify that these are actual persons standing behind this project. Even if they physically don't even know about the specific project, they will stand behind it because if the project actually makes it that far it also automatically means it benefits mankind. This way everyone who signs up can always be sure that they are contributing, just by being a part.

About donations and such

I believe that when money comes in to the picture it kind of screws everything up. Money isn't something we want to focus on. A much better way is to attract people who can give us services for free just because they like the idea so much. This could be the web hotel or something else. There are others like us out there and people will want to contribute with what they can when this starts to roll. And YES, we are going to get away from the monetary system.

See ya!

Any feedback is most asppreciated!


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