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Default Re: How to save the world... My way.

I've had an email conversation with xbusymom and I believe this has helped me to better understand what I'm aiming at. Thanks for the feedback!

I'd like to share some of the progress with you guys. There's not much pratical progress but I believe there's been progress regarding my understanding of this. I've been having a very clear picture of how this finished system should look like but I think I might not have been presenting it very clearly.

I want to start with how I look at the Projects on this platform.

I had this idea of creating a community, a social community where it was made possible for the individuals to become united and work together on common goals. I want this to be a system, a platform more like a social network like Facebook, but with a slightly different approach. Instead of asking for help as you usually do in this world, you offer help and by people offering help Iím certain everyone will get the help they need in the end, because I believe that I donít feel the urge to help you if you donít need help. And this goes for everything as long the egos are out of the picture.

For example; if I wanted some kind of change I would start this project where I described my idea and for example what geographic areas where affected by it. The ďareaĒ could also be defined by age (on people), it could be defined by any kind of category. What happens then would be that the people that are affected most directly by the outcome of the project would be asked to do one of three choices (these people are picked out by the system):

1. Accept the project as it says in the description.
2. Decline the project with a brief description of why and also state
if itís personal or if he or she just canít identify with the project.
3. I need more clarification and describe what needs to be clarified.

There would also be reference people that are not affected directly but the project that still needs to accept the project. Their job would be to make sure the project is understandable even to an outsider. They would also make sure that the project isnít isolated locally. My idea would be that every single project would benefit mankind in one way or another and by having reference people outside that need to accept a project they are not involved in, I believe we can get rid of projects only aiming at raising a group of people above others.

All these options would then trigger actions in the preface of the project. The project preface would loop until everyone has either accepted or not accepted. As long as someone needs clarification, the project needs to be clarified. Every project would be a totally open project and input could come from any direction. I believe that input from outside the project first should go through reference people to filter out bad information (I believe there could be a lot in the beginning), after the external input or feedback has gone through the small scrutiny process with some random, not associated reference people, the information would be presented to the project itself and the members are able to take action on the new information. I believe the key is the reference people. They will make it possible to always have ideas pass through a more holistic perspective before going into action.

So, I might have some free time that I want to use for something else than playing TV-games and I come up with this thought that me and at least ten more people could spend 1 hour per week to talk to lonely elderly people in the neighborhood. So I create a project, asking for at least 10 people in the area close by. Everyone who in this case fits the description of living close by will be announced about the project plus a few external Ďreferenceí people. When enough people have signed up you could start to offer areas of interest or be able to specify how much time you can put into projects and the system would take everything in account. It could be that you have chosen a category that states that you want to work with elderly people. In that case you would by default be prioritized when a project like that is created. The elderly people who are in the receiving end of the project will also be encouraged to leave feedback.
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