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Default Re: World’s most powerful investors told to buy farmland and gold

Hi FullyAwake,

This is uncanny as I said the very exact thing to a friend of mine last night here in Brazil. He thought I was being too pessimistic, but then he doesn't really know what's going on in the world as he doesn't understand English and the internet in Portuguese is a joke, so he is looking at the world through rose coloured glasses as Brazil is passing through a positive period in its' history.

It seems that Faber and I are thinking the same, only I went a step futher because I said that Europe will end up fighting with someone also as eventually when the financials go under the governments will need a distraction for the people.

I also said that Brazil would need to look out as it has the largest underground water deposits on the planet and when consumption gets too high in these developed countries they would either need to invade countries to get more resources or kill off people so that there would be enough to go around for the survivors.

He didn't say much.

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