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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by GaiaLove View Post

abraxasinas, I have noticed you ignored my previous comments. Can you reply to the quote above in a less than cryptic form please?
we kept noticing many of you,
keep making comments about some of us,
typing in 'cryptic' form

first there are 7 aspects of communication
of which, the written word, is only visiable to the naked eye
so, the written word ~ isn't even one of those aspects

1) light of eXKa(33)vier(27) = 33 + 27 = 60
2) sound of eXKa
3) tone of eXKa
4) frequency of eXKa
5) vibration of eXKa
6) masculine of eXKa
7) feminine of eXKa

and, then 8) the infinite loop of the blending of all 7 aspects
thru the divine masculine/and, divine feminine of all of them
so it eXpressed, as, a unified; and; united force of all of it

we call this - eXKavier

any comments 'a' - on this eXKavier stuff is,
that we have ?

the 9th aspect of it - is the choice, to take words
and, to do a few things with them
ie; read things of importance - 3 times - so; you can discern it,
does it sink in, or NOT ~ it is always a lot more, than, what can be said

if you know anything about flying
(in a plane) or, under your own powers
there is a rule you use
called the 1/60 rule
the nullification of an item that is mixed
with 60 times its volume of another item
for example a dream is 1/60 of death
or a dream is 1/60 prohecy
or fire is 1/60 of hell
or honey is 1/60 of manna
or shabbat is 1/60 of the world to come
a poster is 1/60 of the full exchange
a person who visits the ill takes away 1/60 of the illness
even in organic foods, for an eXample you can have
1/60th in it, that is NOT organic
so, anything that eXists, but, is NOT quite there,
like the bud / or flower of a flower/or fruit
so, that might be termed "one sixtieth."
eXKavier is 60 - so, it holds the all in the all

so much information you are eXposed to, isn't going to do
all the learning for you - you must put your 59/60th's into it

this is much like being eXposed to information

you will likely 1/60th of it, in the first read thru it

read it; 60 times, you are likely to get the all in all of it

the 'real' world is the world of 'will' (17) thru 'eternity" (44)

viviane (37 ) seraf'ina (37) = 74

(there is also the solar grandmother-will get that onto another post)

6 x 10 = 60 33/27 = 60

eXKavier - what are these keys,
we've brought thru in that name exka(33)vier(27) = 33+27=60
NOT yet revealed to this world ?

(we will add to this post = 33) and, also (we will add to this post = 27)

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