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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

My Planet2,

If I may?....
In a straight forward way, I sometimes will choose to share my opinion on topics that reminds of "me" of clutter at a time when clarity is desired by all. It is up to you to agree or disagree. Nothing more or less.
Sometimes building a community will require the difficulty of discarding tools that does not erect a new foundation. Even when the tool feels comfortable in the hands.

Okay, so let's say we continue on and obviously by our choosing, await the next message and messenger. This time it is the Coral Reef Group from the 8th dimension thread, and then the next message and Q&A is the channeler for the Federation of Enoch thread, and then the next is the Brotherhood of the Blue Galaxies thread. When it's all done and said, you will be close to where you are right now. That makes us stagnant with a huge amount of information to ponder, but yet that does not equate to creating or co-creating a new anything, yet alone a new paradigm. We have religions that have successfully done this for us and to us already. I will have to pass, and simply suggesting to others to evaluate and assess if they should do the same. Of course, each has the right to simply conclude that I'm some lost ill-mannered soul who is judgemental and fostering a lack of contrasts for comparable note taking.

Now, again this is gscraig's opinion, but we all contribute what we can if we think it will assist in "moving us forward". Does this thread move you and everyone forward? Just some of us? For how long? Why just some of us?

My point is that if it does not move you forward (all of us meaning humanity) Then what is its true value?

We can't co-create a new paradigm when we are being influenced and sometimes trapped by elements of the old.
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