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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)


Sorry, my comment was not aimed at you specifically. It was a mistake for me to comment your post in this way - I was not singling you out and I am sorry I posted that way, it was an error.


I am not asking for proof - I did not use that word. I just wanted to see more than innuendo and would like specific examples of things or characterstics that people are seeing on this thread that would/could cause harm or be "negative" - or be an "abomination to what PA stands for".

I am very aware that there are people (members and moderators alike) on this forum that do not like the influence that abraxasinas's thread has commanded over an area of the forum; or the perceived message/agenda contained in this thread. Personally my suggestion would be to fight fire with fire in this regard, simply come up with something equally popular and thought provoking.

I am especially interested in why people feel it right to choose what should or should not be permitted in the attempt at answering legitimate questions posed on the forum - which contains within its purpose debate and understanding of humanities future spiritual and energetic evolution.

Many have dismissed abraxasinas's information and I fully delight in the freewill that allows this, many have not - and it cuts both ways. I for one, without exercising any admin/moderator bias, find abraxasinas's posts interesting, and I fail to see any harm coming from them.

Lionhawk has posted an equally interesting series of messages that I find are somewhat confrontational in nature but are done in a considered way that does not damage or at this point attack or cause harm (thus they stand).

It is clear that Lionhawk's repositories of information are deeper than average and I would like to see more come from that (please!) - maybe on a different thread.

Originally Posted by GaiaLove
Abrax, the jig is up, for all to see. The Honorable thing to do is leave with dignity.
I don't see it, which is why I am asking for it to be spelled out. In what way is there a risk of dishonor? (A serious question for a serious accusation)

Personally all this talk of changing the forum guidelines in a way that would not permit this kind of thread is not fair, nor (in my view) substantially accurate.


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