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Default Re: Free computer help here!!!

Originally Posted by Stargazer1965 View Post it certain sites or all??

It sounds like connection...not hardware

More info please
No....its not site can be any site. I test that out....didn't matter.

Maybe there is a lot of cookies stored

I happened to come across this article by George Ure of HPH. on cookies. Would like your feedback on this software.....because I was thinking of downloading it, to see if it cleans things up. But it might be for more sophisticated users.

Cookie Video

The folks at Maxa Research have put together a short video (sound track by guess who?) that shows the Maxa Cookie Manager. You can see it here.

I don’t usually get all whipped up about software, but this is one of those dandy tools that just simply works great. First thing I put on my new computer when I got it was Avira Anti-virus and Maxa Cookie Manager (MCM). Either follow the on-screen download instructions of simply click:

Once you try it out, to upgrade to the fully functioning version, just click the upgrade button (!) on the upper right hand side for the $35 unlock to get it to remove even those nasty and highly intrusive ‘non-browser specific’ cookies. Bonus: You computer may run faster.

Not for Mac’s: MCM does support the Safari Browser, but that does not mean it is compatible with Mac OS. Maxa-Tools only support the Windows world….so far. Give them time…
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