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Default Re: CHEMTRAIL WATCH GROUP now forming, USA, Southwest Virginia

QUOTE=Bobbie;.... I think I might help the cause by printing up some flyers with website links and YouTube videos. My neighbor is an elementary school teacher and she might let me put up something on the bulletin board. If we can get the kids interested, some good progress can be made as they are our future.

I'll be one of the ones collecting pics, etc. I'm wondering if the use of a high powered telescope would yield any identifying features of the airplanes.

That's absolutely great, Bobbie, that you'd put together some flyers. I've been thinking of posting a notice about our local group at the health food store. I think they'd let me do that. That you would take even these small actions is SO much better than simply complaining, as I did for years, until the second blizzard hit us this winter (right... southwest Virginia!), with heavy chemtrailing creating clouds to help the blizzard along! After that I said "That's it. I'm done waiting for somebody else to take this on."

The telescope angle might be interesting. I've contacted a local astronomy group to see if anyone could give us night reports of chemtrailing (which they do here) and maybe telescope photos, as you've said. I haven't heard back from anyone yet.

And the mother of the 10 year old I invited to join has not given her permission for her son to look at the sky in his back yard. Very disappointing.
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