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Default Re: CHEMTRAIL WATCH GROUP now forming, USA, Southwest Virginia

please see this you-tube on toxins collected in rain water, it should leave you in no doubt that this is NOT a white hat escapade: I think this is a good easy technique for starters on why is it harmful and where is it coming from:

There is also a meeting in Liverpool for anyone interested in your own local water analysis, although this talk does not appear to be geared towards chemtrails I am sure it could be of great use :

7.30pm for 8pm start.
“The official Government Poisoners Revisited”

A practical hands on presentation by the remarkable Lawrence Wright

Admittance: £3 on the door
Upstairs The Ship and Mitre
133 Dale St Liverpool
L2 2JH

In Southampton three quarters of all those polled said “NO” to fluoride in the water. Gordon Brown said “The Choice must be a local one”. Alan Johnson former Health Boss said “a rejection of fluoridation for Southampton would be a “blow” to his hopes to see it

become widespread across England, but accepted the decision must be made locally. So despite all this the Strategic Health Authority decides to go ahead anyway. It seems that fluoride is coming your way regardless of public opinion, especially as the new Health Secretary Andy Burnham is a former vice chairman of The Fluoridation Society - you really couldn’t make this up, could you! Lawrence Wright will be testing your tap water once more for those who missed the last presentation (bring your samples in a bottle to the meeting). He will also be demonstrating a portable reverse osmosis machine and covering some of the other hazards lurking in your tap water. Lawrence will also be bringing an expert on water filtration systems with him to help with the demonstrations & give expert advice
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