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Default Re: CHEMTRAIL WATCH GROUP now forming, USA, Southwest Virginia

Indakaz... thanks for the link. It might be a good guide for us when we've collected enough local data.

Bobbie... I'd love to believe they care about us enough to try to protect us, but I'm sorry to say that everything else I see more or less indicates they don't care, so it would be hard for me to believe there are good ends to this chemtrailing. The chemistry is so out of balance with the planet. If living things could benefit from the aluminum and barium instead of becoming heavy-metal poisoned... you know? Heavy metals don't naturally fall from the sky! They're found in the earth. It becomes another one of those old-world logics, a rationale that says: It's okay if we make everybody sick, we're saving the planet. I don't buy it, myself.

Nobody's talking... these local groups WILL be talking. We'll make as much of a fuss as we can once we have enough data to demand some answers. The problem is, nobody has been collecting chemtrailing data. You can get weather data for years back, but day to day chemtrail data in your area? No. That's what we're starting to collect in our local groups.

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