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Originally Posted by metaw3 View Post
It's nice to see Bill's comments. The people coming forward with this info didn't prove anything to Bill yet, and are very rude. I think it's quite simple. Unless Bill can be convinced and proof shown to him, time and energy can't be wasted on people who make their point with an aggressive attitude. It doesn't mean they are dishonnest. It just means they act as if they can afford to be arrogant because they speak on behalf of a whistleblower, who doesn't seem to exist... and that's a problem.

If you 2 are telling the truth about this whistleblower, you're not helping this woman at all with your attitude. If you won't do it for yourselves, do it for her and be nice to Bill and us, at least until you can prove something to Bill.

Since Marcus Sparacio aka Armake went out of his way to post here that he's on youtube, it means he expect people to go see for themselves. Marcus Sparacio is that you on this video? Please be nice if you reply.

And here's a good read if you wonder whether you're gullible or not:

Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation
I'm going to catch grief for this but ....oh well.

Again...I know none of these folks so I come at this from what is displayed and had not a whole lot of opinion on this before a few days ago.

I deal in facts...what I can see and touch and logically deduce

The IP thing - If you are basing guilt or innocence on that....I can have 5 different IPs before I stop typing this sentence...Big places with lots of room broadcast 1 IP address to the world

If you are basing it on what Bill revealed early on:

The IP address the same...See above and the fact that Ben had multiple logons...Missing was the fact that Ben had created them after he was banned in an attempt to have access to Avalon

His reasons for wanting on so badly was his own...I would have probably done the same

The above video of one of his defenders....really seems like a smear campaign...I'm an okay guy but I have bad days...and I also don't publish myself as an edgy game the Video of the guy losing his mind on the vid game is really inappropriate.

Avalon is better than how this is playing out....

Peace Y'all
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