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Default Re: CHEMTRAIL WATCH GROUP now forming, USA, Southwest Virginia

Shadowstalker... you're in Texas. I'm in Virginia. shybastid is in California, I think. (?)

Are you interested in starting your own group, locally, in Texas? I mean, eventually all of this ties together... storms generated (started, steered, manmade) out west move east. As Scott Stevens says, you always work with what's coming next in manipulating the weather.

If our purpose is to make a dent locally, we need local data from where we are. I don't see how I can use Texas info to make a case in Virginia, but you could begin to build your own case if you want to take that on and become proactive in your area. Does that make sense?

I surely hate to turn down a handycan offer, but I don't know what I'd do with your footage.

Any suggestions?

Shybastid... that's fantastic! I'll email you and send you info on how we're going about this. I know it's not the only way to go about it, but as swordsmith says, you have to present the case slowly, and I agree with that. Too much info, too dramatic info, they just tune out. But if you can show them local data and say: Look, this is happening RIGHT HERE, then maybe they will at least look and take in the info.
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