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Default Re: CHEMTRAIL WATCH GROUP now forming, USA, Southwest Virginia

more fuel to add to the fire , chemicals in rain water. I think this is a way to go locally, too.
(thanks AdJ for the link)

thanks doodah for the kind words I will prevail ( LOL) even though laughing is what made me fall off my chair . Beeswax! I love it! I'd love to keep bees . I'm doing what I can alternatively, it's all been a great eye opener .

Anyhow, this rolling stone is gathering moss and I feel more positive than ever about exposure.

What I used to tell some people was that the airplanes seemed to be spraying something quite toxic causing all these health problems, and then spoon feed the next bit of info, oh dear, they don't seem to be regular aircraft etc etc. Most can't cope with too much info at once.

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