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Default Re: CHEMTRAIL WATCH GROUP now forming, USA, Southwest Virginia

Swordsmith... sorry to hear all that! I just heard an alternative person on Coast to Coast talking about what to do about heavy metal poisoning. The website is

Green drinks - chlorophyll drinks you can make in your blender with organic plants like parsley and cilantro help move heavy metals out of the body.

Oxygenation was the other point she stressed, the need to breathe more deeply. She (can't recall her name, sorry...) said we are all shallow breathers and need to get more oxygen into our bodies. Laughter is a good oxygenator.

Also, there's a negative ion problem. With the pos/neg ion topic, negative ions are the good ones, positive ions are the bad ones. Chemtrails create a heavily positive ion environment. There are things one can do to create more negative ions in the home - beeswax candles was one she mentioned. Sounds like you already live in a good negative ion environment, by the sea, but maybe there's more you can do if you research it.

As part of our local health initiative connected with the chemtrail data we collect, this kind of information needs to get some publicity locally as well. It's not enough to just acknowledge that they're there. People need to know what kind of action they can take to help themselves if they so choose to.

I agree with you... absolutely stay away from a hospital and from a court of "law." My only rule in life!
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