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Default Re: CHEMTRAIL WATCH GROUP now forming, USA, Southwest Virginia

shybastid -- start your own data collection group like I'm doing. I can send you info about how we're going about it if you'd like.

My plan is to take the collected info and make a presentation at my next County Board of Supervisors meeting. Those are open to the public and anyone can speak and raise any topic that is relevant to local residents. Under the constitution of the State of Virginia, those local boards are mandated to look out for the health and welfare of the people in the county. If they see incontrovertible data, especially with photos and video taken locally (not in Germany), we can pound them into making a statement or taking some action. From there we can go to the governor. Who knows, maybe we'll make "the news." Once anything is acknowledged locally, it can't be ignored or swept under the rug anymore.
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