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Default Re: CHEMTRAIL WATCH GROUP now forming, USA, Southwest Virginia

"Chemtrails spraying on my head DooDah Doodah"
"Chemtrails sprying on my head ALLL Doodah Day"
Sorry I could'nt resisit. I have that stupid song in my head now.
This video shows chemtrails in Germany. CONFIRMED.
How toxic are they? Thats the big question. Not that their not real.
They "gridded" Northen California from Stockton to Sacremento east to Reno,Nevada last week. How do I know? I drove up from Southern California and "watched" the 3 planes zigzgging all morning on my way back to Lake Tahoe. When I got back up to Tahoe (elevation 6200 feet) I could see to Reno the same planes still zigzgging and completing the "grid."
StevenX, I have been complaining about chemtrails for years. This is'nt about deny ignorance untill proven otherwise. Their there. Take our word for it.
We want to know the health ramifications.
Anybody know who to complain to?
For THIS I would go out and petition signitures to stop it.
One problem..When I complain to some of my neihbors that we're getting sprayed again,they go "huh?"
Are we the only ones that care?
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