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Default Re: CHEMTRAIL WATCH GROUP now forming, USA, Southwest Virginia

Doodah, I Like your style! You have to be tenacious as heck. All the telephoning and emailing never got me anywhere, I would say mainly everywhere is a challenge to get any interest. The so called real world is a pretty strong voo doo spell. One useful tactic is to play dumb when dealing with certain outlets, like local papers etc. For example you could try asking questions like where are they all going? is it military ? complaining why is there so much more air traffic?, and why have they changed the flight path allowing so many more planes etc etc. Kind of stoke the outrage, string them along and lead them to your discoveries. Problem is, very little outrage except sometimes among the ill. Look at increased MS ,asthma , arthritis, high blood pressure, morgellons . Maybe some people not of victim consciousness into self help might be interested in your information.

Educating the 10 year old is a very good idea. My partner is a teacher of 14 or so year olds, and they have very good discussions often. I have a lot of 20 year olds used to me from years of me talking about this stuff, and man, now they are really asking for info, which I m VERY happy to supply and get them to research themselves,( though they are a lazy bunch.) People my age are mostly pretty brain dead I am sorry to say. They are in fear which is like concrete in the mind .

Last night I spent in the ER to find out I had very high blood pressure. I felt very unwell at home and started to faint thinking it was related to an injury I had recently from falling off my chair, a real life rofl experience. Actually the hospital was rather scary in itself, starting with the vending machine full of crap under the television blaring toxic spew. Then someone inserted a spigot in my arm only to tell me how they did research for Glaxo Smith etc etc. and they may want to "POP" some drugs into the canula. ARGH! I got out of there asap. A hospital is no place for the mildly healthy.

I know from various alternative testing machines that I have been found to have elevated barium, a big culprit as far as high BP goes.
My health has been very much affected by all this crap, starting with the dental industry / mercury toxicity, add flouride barium and aluminium and hey presto, instant eugenics! But who needs 55 year olds with a brain anyway?

So, I am thinking will put out feelers for any alternative docs not completely alienated from the system who want to measure barium etc in the body then ask well geee where is it coming from???
I already know EVERY SINGLE PERSON my age or around 60 in my area has either high blood pressure or real problems with arthritis, and others having more severe problems like MS. I live in a small town by the sea ffs, where many of the people eat good food , have healthy lifestyles etc etc.
BUt geeze they expect to be ill by this age !

rant over, keep up the good work, lower expectations when neccessary and know we are winning , keep pushing the bar. It is not going to change all by itself and my heartfelt thanks go to all the peaceful warriors out there saying NO, even if it is only an internal thing.
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