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Default Re: CHEMTRAIL WATCH GROUP now forming, USA, Southwest Virginia

Originally Posted by SteveX View Post
IIt's one thing to plot dates and times of aircraft so they can be ticked off against scheduled flights but air pollutant tests need to be done.
How much investigation have you done into chemtrails? There are plenty of tests that have been done and two of the main ingredients coming out of some of these chemtrails are aluminum and barium. I recently saw a video that discussed this very thing and can remember reading other studies on testing that's been done.

So this is not strictly conjecture, plenty of scientific research has been done testing pathogens these planes are releasing, to prove its true. US planes out of the Ukraine were forced down last year in Nigeria, under questioning the pilot broke down and spilled the beans on his American employers. They even got the planes with the aerosol tanks and sprayers.

Chemtrails are way beyond the point of speculation....
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