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Default Re: How to save the world... My way.

the info comes in bits and pieces, and you just have to wait until the right person with the right puzzle-piece comes along... I, too, used to get discouraged when I could not do things fast enough or handle everything by myself... but I have learned to trust in the process and calmly be on the look-out for the next step, or person that has the next puzzle piece, to come into alignment with where I am at on the path and add their portion to the picture...

this is great... and every action will proceed at the right timing- and with the right people... if we are to be a fractal movement (meaning= holographic; complete yet minature replicas - not fractions or parts) then we have to set about our tasks in our own local community 'units'

the message on the paper money is great- i am gonna do that now and there is a way to track where it goes...

and I have been working on a workshop curriculum "the poor man's way to the good life" that includes the activities and philosophicies of many of the spiritual-wealth building stuff of the guru's - Lynn Grabhorn, Abraham-Hicks, the movie "The Secret", etc. ... which I am almost ready to get set-up for (free- no charge) - I just have to find replacement info for a couple of charts... the way I am gearing up to present this workshop is not just money-grabbing, but learning how to see and generate abundance

so- the ideas are aflowin' strong now... keep up the creativity juices... and watch for your next person-connection...

I can see this that this thing IS going "viral" and it is picking up speed, too

EDIT: oh - and a good site for the orgon energies/cloud busting is , but it does mention that the bleedoff energies can be somewhat harmful, so there needs to be extreme care and probably some design improvements for it to be safe at the "grounding" end of the device

I also got a "free energy technology" CD from the nohoax site- its all pdf's which I will freely share- havent had a lot of time to sit down and read thru it fully, but it looks like the beginning stages of all the free energy devices

I am working on a Spiritual "Notice of Understanding and Intent" for self-government at ("Claim of Right" is coming soon)
as well as creating community info-flyers (post #55) for waking up the zombies

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