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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Abraxas --

1 Thanks a bunch for your comments on "substitutionary atonement." they were very helpful. i also liked the way you put this (i guess it's one of your various versions...John Shadow aka Hans Schatten) in the intro to the channeled info i quoted earlier:

" is the RESURRECTION within Yourselves and NOT the Crucifixion, which becomes the PIVOT for your existence and partnership with the historical Yeshua.
He 'gave up' his human existence, so he could BECOME the universal body, which encompasses all of you as a 'LightBody'.
All of you are 'trapped' like cells in the Body of Christ, which spans both the Old Earth as a subrealm of the entire universe and the Old Universe as its encompassment.

"So to GET OUT of the enveloping body; you are required to REDEEM Yourselves in bearing witness to the Cosmic Neverending Story and to become Reborn in the Resurrection.
2012 will be the nexus point, when everyone, alive dead and dead alive will have the opportunity to SEVER the umbilical cord, connecting you to the Old Universal Body Gestalt.

"Not all will be able to Cut the Cords of the Rebirth, which shall be universal at the Beginning of the New Cycle of the Starhumanity.

"All of you will eventually 'come to see the Cosmic Christ' within yourselves; but then many of the sceptics and the nay-sayers MUST have 'eggs and tomatoes' on their illuminated faces - so be it!

"I end with this and any queries, I might answer at a later time or perhaps through my scribe John Shadow, who IS NOT the Tony B, many of you believe him to be.

"IAmWhoIAm - the Channel of John Shadow!"

2 AA -- do you feel like sharing anything about your various "aliases" (John, Hans, Abraxas...any more?) and how you view them. the highlighted phrases above are so intriguing!

3 Also (hopefully i'm not being too pesty here) but i'm wondering why "you" (as John Shadow or his Channel??) seemed to assess Helen Shueman's readings as more "credible" than you (as Abraxas) seem to do now (re: your comment in an above post about these channelings and the Holy Spirit).

"Helen Shucman claimed to channel Yeshuah aka the Jesus of conventional Christianity.....

"Generally, and akin to the Seth channel of Jane Roberts; Helen Shucman transmits at the 99% percentile in a mode very near superconsciousness - meaning she is fully conscious when transmitting her messages.

"Her claim to write in the name of Jesus/Yeshua so deserves great credibility."

As ever, Abraxas, i so appreciate your time and energy on our behalf!


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