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Default Re: How to save the world... My way.

Originally Posted by cloud9 View Post
My first thread in this forum was about doing something to let TPTB know that we know what they are up to so they couldn't keep on thinking their little secret was working. Anyway, one of the suggestions I gave was to reach a consensus about a topic we thought was important an appealing to people so they would start doing some research on their own.
The point is at that time nobody was supportive enough to the idea, some of the responses were really lame and disheartening.
Being money (bills) something that goes from hand to hand and reaches everybody (perhaps with the exception of little children) I started to write with red ink in all bills I had: Please research Federal Reserve, in others I wrote: Research NWO or Illuminati, etc., or watch Zeitgeist so when people received the money they would be a little intrigued and they would do some research. I did it for a while and never ever got one of those bills back yet.
It seemed to me such as good idea, something very simple but very efficient at the same time, what else people have every day in their wallets? What else people want to have so badly? Money!!!
So I was using "their" money (TPTBs) as a weapon to wake up people!!! Perhaps if everybody here does it, the message is going to be spread even further and it doesn't cost anything, just a few minutes to write the message on the border of the bills.
I also made some flyers and sent emails which I think it's so far the most underused tool we have, emails can go to everybody who has a computer and be resent very easily reaching huge amounts of people very quickly.
Also I suggested to write a letter that we all agreed upon and send it to the White House, Congress, agencies, etc., demanding some things being done or changed depending on the subject we chose to be the most important at the moment, the idea was to have millions or at least thousands of letters sent so the government would know that WE The People wanted to participate in decisions made in every aspect we needed.
This idea which I think is effective, didn't get much attention.
This was some months ago and I was feeling quite..... desperate. I wondered why nobody was doing something, even something small, the forum was full of news about the swaine flu, vaccines, plagues, etc. Somehow the forum has lighten up, I think once people can digest the information there's a final acceptance and a knowing that the reality described can be changed not just by changing the focus but focusing in something better and that's what I did.
I visit the forum almost daily but some threads I don't read (and I don't have enough time for reading all of them anyway) just because I'm trying to change my own reality.
I know a person who has become insane because of receiving all this information in a short time, she was taken to a mental institution for a few weeks and her family had to isolate her from her computer because she was so obsessed and scared, when she heard that Jesus was part of the plan of the ETs and he was not the Son of God, she was left without a spiritual base and she went nuts.
That's why Mrs. Dolores Canon says she has being spoon fed through the years so she would accept the sea of information little by little in a safer manner.
Two years ago I used to see just a few hundred of viewers in youtube videos related to this material, now it's on the thousands and the most recent PC interviews reached thousands too in just 2 days, so the 100th monkey principle is working very well.
cloud 9,

I'm very happy for you experiencing this change of awareness. I haven't been around for very long so in a way it might be easier now as more and more people become seekers. I can understand people getting overwhelmed especially if they are heavily indoctrinated with contradicting agendas. Many people build their whole identity upon those beliefs and to change core beliefs is an enormous challenge for many. We need to be open to the possibility that people have their own beliefs but that doesn't mean we have to hold back. We can inspire people to find their true selves just by showing the world OUR true selves.

If we trust in ourselves and have the courage to expose our hearts and our true selves always, it will inspire people we meet to do the same in their own pace.

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