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Default Re: How to save the world... My way.

Originally Posted by feardia View Post
Fair play to you sollve, at the PC conference Alex Collier said that we all had to become "fractals of the revolution", and that is exactly what you are doing. Everyone of us can do a little to create the world that we want to see, and the more of us do a bit the more we make it happen.

I prefer to think galactically and act locally, the issues are different in every community, and so are our revolutionary tactics. If you can do a website, start a garden, orgone blast an underground base then do it. We all know some kind of craziness is coming our way, so we have to try and manipulate our fractal of the big picture into our desired outcome.

We just have to get through the next few years and out the other side, shouldn't be too difficult, after all we are awesome...
Thanks for the feedback feardia,

Hope this doesn't sound too crazy, but I don't see myself as a fractal of the revolution. I feel like a catalyst and in my world I am the revolution. But I guess your right from the grand perspective. The only problem is that if I accept the fact that I am a fractal, it means that I hold back.

I am revolution and I am change. That's the motto that resonates with me and I'm 'all in' on that.

Oh, I almost forgot to ask you about orgone. I've always been interested in orgone since I first read about it. Does it really work, and what can it do.


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