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Default Re: How to save the world... My way.

Originally Posted by lightwalker View Post

This is quite snychronistic as my woman's group here in Connecticut USA decided Saturday night to focus on having deeper connection and a more expanded spiritual community. We usually just socialize and hang out and unwind, but it felt so strong for all of us to support one another on an even deeper level. We use Mary Reynolds Master Minding model because we have found it to be the most powerful tool doing group gatherings.

Our goal is creating our positive 2012 New Earth right here and right now.

So, I thank you for the the reflection of the same energy.

Aren't we all so awesome !

I believe we are awesome indeed!

My idea is to create this governance platform that will help to focus the power of the masses. We need to get together to have our numbers act as leverage. We have a whole system created around us to supress us from getting together on a large scale. My dream is to hack that system.

Many thanks for your sharing about synchronicity!

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