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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by berathebrain View Post
Hi Abraxas.

I have always wondered how in the world does the Rodin coil achieves the effects it achieves. Like making a monopole magnet out of a steel bar when a pulsed direct current is running through the coil.
Also, there is this video with Rodin himself, Nassim Haramein and a guy named James (I think that is his name), where James shows how to make a speaker out of a Rodin coil and permanent magnet. What is producing the sound here?
Also, could this coil have something to do with free energy?

Have you heard of Steven Mark and his motionless generator, where he somehow draws the energy from the vacuum or from all the electromagnetic frequencies that bombards the Earth all the time. Anyway, I was interested is that some kind of a hoax or it could really be done?

Thank you for your patience with this questions.
Dear berathebrain!

I am not qualified to discuss experimental apparatus and so I am unable to state if this is a hoax or not.

I am familiar with the prerequisites for such devices to 'tap' the ZPE and so to 'work' as ZPE devices.

The powersource of the ZPE is a natural superconductive field inherent in space itself.
Here the current i=dq/dt of second order differential equation (say a RCL-Kirchhoff circuit) reduces to 1st order in replacing the electronflow q=Ne by a frequencyflow 2eNf=q. So the electron chargequantum 'e' becomes a constant coefficient in the equations reducing into linear applications.

Even more fundamental is the transformation of mass into a form of static monopolic electricity.
Here is a link: and (Haramein-Rauscher critique).

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