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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
This thread reminds me of one of my favorite Stargate SG-1 episodes.

I have recently become particularly interested in the Archangels Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer. What type of beings are they?
4 principalities;linked to the elements as polarity emanations of 2nd Order.
Fire=Michael complementary with Gabriel=Air
Earth=Uriel complementary with Water=Raphael
Lucifer=1st order archetype responsible for allowing gravity to be born in the Big Bang Template to reharmonise the massless electromagnetic template
Are they in conflict with each other?

If the Human Race the central issue in this conflict?
Yes, the human race is the central issue, but not in conflict byt reharmonisations.

Is Michael really Jesus?
The Fire-aspect of Jesus is Michael, call it the Logos of the Fire.
Was Jesus the last Pharaoh?
There is no last pharaoh. Jesus encompasses all prophets, all pharaohs and all things period.

Is Mary a legitimate co-mediatrix with Jesus?
Another one of those labels. Mary as the universal womb gives birth to Jesus who then takes 'Her place, so SHE can reunite with her vcreator as the creation. This the focus point of humanity/Gaia, as Gaia is a hologram for the entire universe.

Could Gabriel be identified with Zionism?
Zion is a 'holy place' namely your own body. The political and ET agendas do not carry in the Thuban books.
Could Lucifer be identified with Teutonic Zionism?
Of course ands of course not. You like your labels of classifications don't you.

Could Michael be identified with the Andromedan perspective?
Of course and of course not. Andromeda is in a class with Perseus aka Milky Way.

Who is the God or Goddess of This World?
The Father and Mother, cosmically not biologically speaking of Jesus.

Has corruption and sanity been a problem for this being?

Are Satan and Lucifer two separate and distinct beings?
Yes, Satan is the true manifestation of a fake image, called the Devil. Satan is the 'court prosecutor' of 'humanity' and Lucifer is the template for this collective humanity being prosecuted by Satan
Satan is the 'Kali' of Shakti as two sides of the one coin called God.
Satan is God and you are Lucifer in individuality. You can either 'play' a Christ White Lucifer look LUCIFER=74=JESUS=MESSIAH=CROSS=...or you can play a Dark Lucifer as an abssorber of the 'brought' light.

Is there...or has there ever been...a God who was higher than Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer?
Yes, this is the 1st Order of Abraxas aka Abrasax as the polarity unexpressed BUT contained within, like the Dark+White Lucifers as One or as Satan+God as One.

If so...was this God destroyed in the War in Heaven?
No, this 1st Order is omniness and above such polarity issues as a war in heaven on earth or otherplace.

Is Satan one of these three?
Satan is 1st Order, the archangels are 2nd order.

If so...which one? Did Lucifer instruct Charles Darwin?
Ask Charles Darwin.

Would Human sovereignty in this Solar System be a good thing?
Not yet, later perhaps.
Is a theocracy a good or a bad thing?
Your polarity issue.

Is Responsible Freedom fundamentally rebellious in nature?
Can the Riemann Integral be applied to curved space?
Is quantum physics valid...
or would a modified classical physics provide a more secure foundation?
more or less the same thing
What are the theological implications and ramifications of quantum physics?
There are many book you can read.
Why was Heisenberg uncertain?
He wasn't.
Can a particle really be influenced by observation?
Yes by quantum entanglement of observer with the particle.

Have you ever read 'The Great Controversy' by Ellen G. White? If so...what is your opinion?
As is common happenstance Ellen tuned into a correct archetype about the nature of God and attempted to describe this via her intuitions and visions. Her 'Great Controversy' so used biblical study and the SDA ideas to promulgate the 'correct' central focus on the Logos of Jesus.
Unless you really become familiar with the 1st order archetypes, the religious overtones will outmanouver the deeper meaning of the Logos.
This has occurred in all analyses, histotical skeptical, religious dogma based etc. etc.

Have you heard of Dr. Desmond Ford? (An Adventist Theologian from Australia) What is the proper interpretation of, and relationship between, Daniel 8:14 and Hebrews 9:12?
The 2300 days are added to the 370 days of the Genesis prophecy (count Noah's days in the flood archetype) for a total of 1670 days.
Half that and you have the 1335 days in Daniel.12.12 as the timeline of the Logos in mirror function.
The connection to Hebrews.9.12 is spurious; as the 'blood of Christ' means not the 'blood of the sacrifices', but the 'life force' in the triplicities. both 'agreeing as One'; say the spirit, the water and the blood as the witness on earth and the father, the word and the holy ghost (1John.4.6-9).sons

Should the Biblical Cannon have ended with the Acts of the Apostles?
Is the so called Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan really a Human vs Reptilian conflict?
Or is it really between two individual beings?
No, its between the One being in controversy with itself.
What are the soteriological implications of the human nature of Jesus Christ?
The Logos incarnated as a unique oneness so this oneness could become a manyness at the fulfilment of the timeline as programmed by the logos.

Is the substitutionary the context of the Old Testamental sacrificial system...a theological milestone...or a historical necessity?
It past its use by date. The lambs are Aries, the goats are Capricorns and the calves are Taurians as starsigns. The 'blood sacrifice' of the physical animal has become replaced by the ordering of 'birthrights' of the 12 signs/apostles/sons of Jacob etc - all of whom are within you - if you can handle THAT Story.

Is theology at the center of disclosure?
Is Christocentric Egyptological Science Fiction a valid theological foundation or expression in modernity?
Another label attempting to describe the ubiquity of the logos.

Would a Non-Penetential, Non-Sacrificial, Ecumenical Namaste Mass...based upon the Latin Mass be a valid focal point for a Minimalist, Humanistic Theocracy based upon Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom?
This kind of 'mass' does not concern the Thuban Council.

Is the All Seeing Eye at the Top of the Pyramid illuminated by the Dog Star Sirius?
One of many labels for the solar eye of Horus and the lunar eye of Thoth.

How important is Sirius?
First Contact Star.
Is the God of This World the Prince of Sirius?
Yes amongst all other 'princes'.

Should the Protestant Reformation have been based upon the Teachings of Jesus?
They were.

Are the Teachings of Jesus alone fundamental...and the rest of scripture merely contextual?
Yes, absolutely.

Do Reptilian Beings hate Jesus Christ?
No, they are like humans, some understand others do not.

If so...why? Is there a 'Heaven' in M-42 in Orion?
Heaven does not exist anyplace but your own mind.

What type of beings might be found in this portion of the heavens?
Whatever you can imagine and image.

Is there hope and redemption for all beings in the Universe?
All are already redeemed, without exception.

I want everyone to make it! Even the really evil beings...if this is possible. Some isolation and re-education might be necessary...and some might have to be eternally isolated. I don't know...but I do not wish harm or misery on any matter who they are...what they look like...or what they have done. All of us may have some very filthy reincarnational baggage!

WE are all Individuations of the ONE, defined and programmed by the Logos as the Sentience of the ONE Energy Source.

I could keep going for hours...but I'd better stop.
Thanks for that.

You don't need to answer all or any of these questions. I just have lots and lots of questions. If I truly spoke my mind...I'd be in huge trouble. I think I'm in enough trouble already. Thank-you abraxasinas! I love that name! Do you work or live in Pine Gap?
No, but the Council knows what goes on there, being the spying center for the Southern Hemisphere and such. They can only go so far. The Logos got them covered.

You don't have to answer that last question!

I just did.

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