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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Abraxas --

Thanks for your answers to my last questions ..... and for all your Other Answers to us all as well!

New questions:

1) What do you mean exactly by the following, "Humanity is the focus point of the entire universal evolvement, not just galactic, not just supergalactic, but universal." ? Does this have anything to do with "the whole only being as strong as its weakest part?" Or the fact that this earth/consciousness-shift has been planned for so long by the Logos?

2) Since the concept of time is "illusionary," does this imply that polarity (good-bad, etc) exists throughout eternity?

3) Will every soul eventually be reunited with its source .... and if so, what do people mean when they say things like, "they will return to their source as space dust", seeming to imply an inferior state to other ways-of-being "joined to the Creator"?

4) Is John, the "beloved disciple," truly the author of Revelations?

Many thanks, AA!

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