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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by UncleJohn View Post
Hi Abrax,

Do most all ET's have an agreement or understanding that certain subjects will not be discussed humans?

Dear Uncle John!

You appear not to realise your power with the ETs.
There are many, as many as you can imagine, hierarchies or courts or whatever ETs within your field of consciousness.
Through your thoughts you project and IMAGE the collective human database about your personal exposes and preferences into the universe.
In the distant past, beginning so 20 million years ago an even earlier past dated at 2,200 million years ago became MOULDED on this planet in the lifeforms represented then in the planetary environment.

HigherD intelligences could begin to INTERACT with say the flora and fauna of the Miocene epoch.
Old World monkeys (with the separated thumb) especially became associated with particular hominid sentiences, based on an then not yet materialised genotype.

From this ancestral ET-hominid genotype the PHYSICAL evolution of the homo sapiens archetype proceeded and more and more ET associatons were formed between Gaian lifeforms and ET intelligences, the latter experiencing their full densified expression ONLY upon the planet earth.

Whatever ET liasons exist away from the Gaian environment; these alliances are NEVER independent from a common 'Gaian homeplanet' - in terms of the FULL physical selfexpression of the ETs.

The physicality of ALL ETs is COMPROMISED away from the planetary environment due to the lightspeed parameter inversion defining the Gaian quarantine to 2 million kilometers in radius from the earth center.
The ETs away from this 'Circle of Encompassment' are so NOT the same as they appear in the 3D space - they are 4D sentiences projecting their presence as 3D shadows into the Gaian environment.
The physicality of the universe (away from earth) is rather more PLASMIC than the solidity experienced on earth.

Does this agreement or understanding need to be checked or enforced
by a particular ET group?

No, the final 'authority' is the Logos of Creation (and Centered on Gaia); as this Logos encompasses the Universe as a Perimeter, acting like a spherical mirror.

Is there much sharing of contract information among the various ET groups?

Just ask the Pleiadeans within you to give you this data ...or the Andromedeans or the Alpha Draconians. They will answer you if your intent and integrity is true to your soul's understandings.

To what extent do the various ET groups share their art and literature with each other?

All of the artwork, music, paintings and so on found in the human database has ET components. Think of a Mandrill's artwork and compare it to a Rembrandt - there is your human-ET connection.

Thanks Uncle John
Your welcome!

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