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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by ellie View Post
Okay, I am sorry but I cannot wade through 37 pages of a thread, so excuse me if this question has been posted before.

With all the esoteric information you obviously have at your disposal can you explain to me where it is stated ................."144,000 souls will be saved."

This is a stereotypical statement, often coloured by religious zealotry Ellie.
EVERYONE is the 144,000, but not many can conceptualise this and so search for something without, that is within.

Would this mean if 144,000 souls can be found on Gaia to be ready for ascension then that might mean Gaia's people will be saved from nuclear wars and taken out by Nibiru or does it mean that only the 144,000 souls will be saved.

As you stated, I have described this in detail a number of times here. Briefly, Nibiru IS Earth as a New StarPlanet. The 144,000 are a daycount as a Mayan baktun and it represents 12 starsigns/tribes of Jacob. So every human is a member of the nonpolitical-geographical ISRAEL. The question and differentiation and polarisation (between the 'sealed' and the 'unsealed') is one of being able to REMEMBER and UNDERSTAND the 'Story'.

If it is the latter to be the most right (only 144,000 souls will be saved) I find it wanting to say the least because with the billions of people on Gaia right now I know for a fact there are more than 144,000 good souls here who are more than enlightened IMHO.

Of course, you have misinterpreted the archetype. The 144,000 also become coupled to 200 million (aliens); all of whom again reside within you in the interdimensional sense.

Is this a question you can answer or not? I have read some prediction threads here and I really wouldn't like nuclear wars and starvation to befall the people, children and little babies of Gaia.

The answer to this is simple. The nuclear holocaust and mass annihilation has already been prevented; say from 1987 onwards, when the human groupmind experienced a 'quantum leap' in its potential group-consciousness (Harmonic Convergence, Berlin Wall Soviet Union. Tiannaman Square, Ayatollah Khomeini, South African apartheid etc. etc.).

Some 'natural' earth changes will occur and with the increasing planetary consciousness shared with the Gaian lifeforms; some people with access to warfare weapons might 'indeed go crazy' and start some devastating actions.
The main motto at this time is one word: SELF RESPONSIBILITY.
I advice you to NOT listen to the fear mongerings on any level; but to attempt to harmonize your emotions and at least to sometimes harbour a kind of 'peace of mind', that you are part of the creator of the universe and precious without comparison.

Thank you.
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