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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by realitycorrodes View Post

Thank you for your kind reply. I respect your effort , energy and attention.

Please accept my humility for I do not think I am worthy to talk to you.

You are as 'worthy' as anyone else. All souls have 'equal value' as shards of the World-Soul say.

Your reply to my questions was very generous. I was disappointed by the reply not because there was anything wrong with the answers you gave.

Personally I set myself up for an expectation of revealing new hitherto untold information.

I am sorry for not having been able to satify your thirst for unknown knowledge in regards to novelty drugs.

Your information was not new to me.

There is nothing new under the sun, as some saying goes.

In fact, in some areas I probably remain open to other possibilities, especially in regard to living without food. Mainly because I have met people who can do this!

I am skeptical in regards to biochemical reactors not being biochemical reactors.

In regard to techniques there are secrets about physical techniques that can access states of bliss. I am aware of some, but know people who claim to have others.

I wish you well to find your bliss any way you may find suitable on your path.

I was hoping you were going to reveal step by step some of these actual techniques that are still being kept secret by a hierarchy of gurus etc etc on whatever levels.

I am not a technician on anything really, I am more theoretical. I would be unable to design a simple lightbulb or knit a pullover.

Sitting meditating all day for years on end has proven itself to be a rather inefficient technique. Not many graduate with this technique - I know it works but very inefficiently - in terms of the number actually acheiving any results! Is'nt it about time some serious techniques were given out that work instantly.

I regard the 'secrets of the gurus and the hierarchies' to be similarly inefficient.
Your soul and inner guidance can give you any information withinj the context of your remembrances.

Wishing you energy to do what makes you happy!
I return your compliments to you.

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