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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by SABINA View Post
You are still young you will find your partner before you got eaten I am sure
about that. Did you gogle Kamasutra??
by the way got scared about all that talk about Nazi Iam german
Irony of the Karma. sabina
Hi Sabina

I can Google tantra or kamasutra and besides some XXX etc stuff nothing much comes out...well there are "workshops" that like to charge hilarious amounts etc...also I doubt though that anyone in my area is an "expert" in such things (perhaps it is time i become an expert..hehe...imagine that a..)

Breath in...feel your breath...feel it...going up....the spread let it fill you inside...the energy....cumming...all over you...than just breath out and relax

this completes our session for today

What I would prefer is some pristine information about this not something that was "modernized"

scared of the past? the Reich was also down here...they were not alone, Mussolini also had an appetite...people died, "territory" was lost...grandma told me some stories about how it was...2 of my uncles were forcibly drafted and froze somewhere in Russia (not official though) was not pleasant ... but that is the past...don't let it hunt not let older generations to pass-on the problems (like here when the cave with the bodies of people killed after the war was "discovered"...and they started worming up the hate again...etc) amm I am getting too off topic now...